Don’t want to hurt anymore,
I just want to spread my wings and soar.
But my wings are torn and tattered,
And my halo feels like it’s shattered.
I know I’m a pretty ugly angel.
I don’t want to hide anymore,
I want to tell the truth and soar.
My wings and black and blue,
And I know I can only trust a few.
I know I’m a pretty ugly angel.
Who knows what else I can do?
Everybody else already took off and flew.
My wings can never fly,
They will never be seen against the night sky.

The Hardest Person


The hardest person to love is not your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend.
It is not your children, your friends, your neighbors, or even your enemies.
Sadly, the hardest person to love is the beautiful, innocent child that looks back at you in the mirror each day.
We often only…



Bad news kids, we’ve all been screwed
having been victimized along the way
trust me I know, I’ve suffered the same
yet victims no more, we’re warriors today

Forgive them, IF and when you can
you’ll find no relief in a blade or drug
love yourself and you’ll know freedom
so please give you a well…

Poetry…heart bypass surgery. ~Kevin Stock (via takingstockofwhatmattersmost)
My Lack Of Inspiration…

Lack of inspiration

This lack of inspirationIs the cause of my frustrationI’m missing that rare sensationOf unfolding a lovely creationI’m experiencing mental dehydrationSearching for something to stop my starvationMy ink filled visions left for a long vacationI must have missed them at the train stationI believe my word crowded imaginationHas decided to fall into hibernationI suspect the prescribed medicationIs what triggered my suffocationIt leaves me in this cruel isolationOh my god, what an abominationI will not be stopped by this complicationI will claim back my means of communication

Free Bird


My ego wants

him to miss me.

My spirit knows

it does not matter.

Whether he longs

or whether

his feelings

have faded,

how I perceive myself

is the only thing

that will prevent me

from becoming jaded.


when did you become so small
barely there 
at all
when did you allow him to take
who you are
replaced with scars
when did you become so scared
laying beneath
a pendulum’s swing
when did you lose

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Tus ojos brillan
Como las estrellas
Que le dan vida
A mi alrededor 

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Some Days


Some days are straight out of Hollywood
while others it’s far too damn real
some days we yearn for a tender touch
and some days it just hurts to feel

Some days are filled with inspiration
some come with no ink in the well
idyllic days made of magic and heaven
and those when you know you’re in hell

Some days everyone cries out alone
and some days everyone plays
blessing or curse, for better or worse
enjoy it all, this is but one of those days


Lay my trust in you
Hold it tight
Guard it always
Day and night
Let it slip
Then “we” are gone…
My trust has passed you
Time has moved on
Say your sorries
But it won’t help
Time won’t do it
These wounds won’t heal
I trusted you, my love
My biggest regret
My only betrayal
My latest love
My last friend

Your Mirror Never Lies


You’re beautiful if you say you are
let no one tell you otherwise
ask that perfect child smiling back
you know your mirror never lies

Imperfection, I don’t quite think so
deprecation doesn’t flatter you
ask your mirror and you’ll discover
what everyone else already knew

You may as well believe the truth 
you can see it with your eyes
look closely and you cannot deny
your mirror is right, it never lies

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I sit here, holding back the tears
From the words you didn’t say.
One part of me knows why I love you,
The other part wants to run away.

You’ve made me cry a million tears,
Yet I stay right by your side.
I do my best to trust you,
Despite the many times you’ve lied.


I’ve been often told how blessed I am
how far I’ve come from where I’ve been
how much I’ve lived and seen and done
while I’ll admit that all that’s true
there are times I still could use a hug
and far too many nights when I miss you

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My whole life mapped out on my wrists,
I never thought my life would come to this.
Nothing to lose, nothing to gain,
Scared of nothing, not death nor pain.
The scars on my wrists tell my whole stupid life,
People around me, full of joy and strife.
It hurts so much, the pangs in my heart.
This stpid life I want to depart.
When I cut my wrists, the blood runs steady,
But for the pain; I’ve always been ready.
I trained, and pained, to be someone who I’m not.
Wanted to be an assassin, but that, I aint got.
To channel my anger into someone else,
To see how pain shrinks and melts;
But that I will never live to see.
Nothing but pain, suicide for me.
Nothing to lose nothing to gain,
Nothing to feel but empty pain.

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